Blue Owl

Software Changelog


  • Always display connected devices, even when not connected to owlcms.
  • Standardize port for configuration server (8081).
  • Simplify MQTT server configuration.
  • Detect Windows driver errors.


  • Read jury size from owlcms.
  • Support newer timekeeper devices.
  • Persistent wake up notification for referee controllers.
  • Add notification if a newer Blue Owl app is available.


  • Add initialization notification to referee controller and down signal.


  • Automatically connect devices.
  • Automatically open the client webpage on start.
  • Added options for controlling the duration of the down signal light and buzzer.
  • Added option to have the down signal give clock notifications at 90, 30, and 0 seconds.
  • Added option for confirmation vibration on referee controllers.
  • Always default to an existing platform.
  • Fix issue with down signal initialization on restart.


  • Fix bug with non-default platform.


  • Initial release.