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Referee Control Box


The Referee Control Box allows a referee to adjudicate the lifts in compliance with IWF TCRR 3.3.6.

Decisions of "Good lift" or "No lift" are performed with 12mm (0.5") white and red push buttons with great tactile feedback and just enough resistance to prevent accidental presses. Referee Control Boxes also include several notification features to remind referees of slow decisions and to notify referees when summoned by the jury. These notifications include a 5mm LED for visual feedback, a buzzer for audible feedback, and a vibration motor for tactile feedback.

Referee Control Boxes are available in two different sizes, optimized for handheld and tabletop use. These devices are interchangable and can be swapped out at any time, allowing each referee to use whichever device they prefer.

What's Included?

  • Referee Control Box
  • 25' Ethernet Cable

This device connects to the Referee Hub and cannot be used alone.

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